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Happy Saturday everyone!

Today we’ll see the part 5 of the CPE (Cambridge Proficiency Exam), into the Reading and Use of English section. This is the Multiple Choice part. This part tests candidate’s detailed understanding of a long text, including its purpose and organisation, and the opinions and attitudes expressed within it. After the text, you will find 6 multiple-choice questions, which will test understanding of the text. In general, the text comes with a title and a subheading. You should also be able to deduce meaning from context, and interpret the text for inference and style. The questions are presented in the same order as the information in the text, and the final question my depend on interpretation of the text as a whole.

A few tips:

1. Read the whole text first and see if you get an overall about it;
2. Read the questions;
3. Re-read the text, looking for the answers. Highlight points.
4. Check all possibilities, even if one seems obvious.

So, time to try! Let’s do it 🙂


ps: when you click the image, it will grow bigger – I know that the text seems small at first!

Vocabulary: There are two new words on this text for me:
Unduly: excessively
Ploy: a manoeuvre or tactic in a game, conversation, etc; stratagem; gambit

So, let’s do it!

31. B, 32. B, 33. D, 34. C, 35. A, 36. C
The correct answers are: 31. C, 32. B, 33. D, 34. A, 35. A, 36. C

Unfortunately, I got two wrong questions here. And this part of the test grants you 2 marks for each correct answer.

How did it go for you?!

Happy Studying! 🙂


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